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Founders Tanner Pflumm and Zach Calvert began their friendship in 2003 when Zach’s family moved to the same Shawnee, Kansas, neighborhood that Tanner already resided. On that sunny day, they realized they had many common interests, such as sports, fishing, and a love of entrepreneurship. They decided to start running a lemonade stand that became so popular, traffic was backed up from the house to the entrance of the neighborhood. Whether it was the delicious lemonade or the adorable 8 to 10 year old salesmen that brought in the customers, they can’t be certain, but regardless, they knew how to run a profitable business. However, during one summer, the two had a slight falling out over a disagreement in marketing strategies. Zach decided to take the lemonade stand to his house near the main entrance, catching all incoming traffic, while Tanner stayed at his house, seeing an unfortunate decline in sales. This led Tanner to move his stand closer to Zach, resulting in a heated competition.

Thankfully, they worked out their differences and continued their friendship, honing their entrepreneurial skills along the way. Their career paths continued in the typical fashion, both attending college to further their education. Tanner attended Kansas State, majoring in Business, while Zach received a degree in Kinesiology from Iowa State. After college, Zach worked in business-to-business sales and Tanner had been working for a different third party logistics company. After working in the field, they began discussing the idea of starting their own company. They realized that the logistics industry was one they both had knowledge of and could work together in successfully, using their skills to create one of the major brokerage companies in the country. The idea for PowerPath Transportation came up in November 2016, and in January 2017, the doors were open for business.

PowerPath Transportation was started with the goal of providing excellent service to our clients, doing whatever it takes to get the job done right. Unlike other 3PL companies, we control our own overhead, allowing us to offer competitive rates. Here at PowerPath Transportation, every customer is our top priority regardless of spend amount. We will manage your account with care, ensuring all of your freight solutions needs are met while exceeding expectations.

When you are in need of a freight shipment, we guide you in finding the right solution at the best price. Let us know what equipment you require, the commodity, weight, and required shipping timeframe and we do the rest. Our Transportation Management Software (TMS) allows us to view carriers in your specific geographical area that are able to ship your product where you need it. We only utilize carriers who operate ethically, are well-established, and have good insurance, so you can rest assured knowing your freight is in good hands. Our system establishes the market value for specific lanes and routes, giving us the data to help in our negotiations with the carrier. This process takes no more than a few minutes, allowing us to have a truck at your door within an hour or two in most cases.

If you are ready to ship, or have any questions regarding the transportation of your freight, contact us today. Give us the opportunity to show what the PowerPath Method of shipping can do for your business.

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